2 Seam Fastball Grip

by Bobby Woods August 19, 2023

Baseball Pitching Grips

The 2 Seam fastball grip among baseball pitching grips is quite simply a great pitch to get hitters out. It is held with the seams unlike the 4 Seam fastball grip that is held across the seams.

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Please notice the thumb is held between the two fingers below the ball. Very important to have daylight between the ball & the palm of the hand. If your palm touches the ball it can create arm injuries. The 2 Seamer as it is often called when thrown by a right handed pitcher  moves away from a left handed hitter and into a right handed hitter. A left handed pitcher's 2 Seam fastball moves away from a right handed hitter and into a left handed hitter. The action of the ball is often called tailing. The 2 Seam fastball has three characteristics. The hitter sees more red in the ball, than a 4 Seam fastball, it has more movement than a 2 Seamer and has less velocity than a 4 Seam fastball. If a hitter can visually recognize the differences between a 2 Seam & 4 seam fastball it can be very advantageous to a hitter. There are baseball hitting drills that can help the hitter to visualize the differences between these two pitches.

Bobby Woods is a former Chicago Cubs player & Arizona State University graduate.




Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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