Baseball Hitting Tips

by Bobby Woods May 30, 2022

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There are many baseball hitting tips. But none better than this - When your bat makes contact with the ball your head should be facing down Your nose should line up directly to the middle of the ball. This will give the hitter direct vision to the ball with both eyes. Again a great tip for hitting a baseball. If you have aspirations to go to the "Show" (major leagues) you need to practice this technique. Notice the female player's head (San Diego State University Student Athlete) remains down where she made contact with the ball. The ball has left her bat. Yet her head & eyes remain exactly where her bat made contact with the ball. A helpful tip to the hitter - leave your head down where the bat made contact with the ball for 1 second. This prevents " looking up to soon " to see where the ball is going before you actually hit it. Looking up to soon before contact creates a multitude of problems for the hitter. Please remember, when your head and eyes go down to hit the ball - you see the ball, because you see the ball better, your bat takes a natural path to the ball, because of the natural path, you increase bat speed,, power, force and energy. Winding up with better balance throughout the swing and the finish.

Bobby Woods is a former Chicago Cubs Player &  Arizona State University graduate.


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Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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