Choosing The Right Baseball Bat: Part 2

by Bobby Woods March 20, 2018

Just a friendly reminder, read Part 1 first about choosing the right bat before reading this blog.

So the time has come, your son or daughter needs a new bat.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • What did the player use last season? For example, if he or she used a 29 inch - 11, then it may be time to use a 30-inch bat with the same drop or a drop - 10.
  • Has your child grown, put on some extra weight since last season?
  • Have they added strength to their bodies? This should be determined by moving up an inch in length and adding extra weight to the bat. If the player has the opportunity to swing different bats at practice (different length and weights)  he or she can evaluate their bat speed and consistent contact with the bat and the ball.

Some bat companies put on bat demos where players can test different bats. This is an excellent chance for a player and parents to choose the correct bat.

As a parent or coach, look for these clues in selecting a bat

  1. Does the player swing the bat really, really fast as if he or she was swinging a whiffle ball bat? This particular bat it too light.
  2. Or does the bat speed seem really slow from the beginning of the swing to its completion?
  3. Or does the barrel dip during the swing - this bat could be too heavy.

As parents, ask the opinion of a coach or friend that you trust (with a baseball or softball background) watching as your son or daughter hits some balls.

Very importantly, ask the player how the bat feels to them. Does it feel too heavy or too light? how about the length? - you want you son or daughter to feel confident when they are hitting a ball.

Equipment is very personal to a player, bats are no exception.



Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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