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"Bobby Woods’ instruction is peppered with phrases like “muscle memory”, “weight transference”, and “stimulus response”, but the video is so carefully organized by segment and the terms so clearly defined verbally and visually that any intimidation felt by parents of either gender – will be successfully relieved."

- Joe Lugara
Big Apple Parent Newspaper - New York City

"I recently purchased your video "Mom Can You Teach Me How To Hit ?" and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the video. I have been involved in youth baseball and softball for the past 12 years and this video is a refreshing and informative look at the art and science of hitting. I have watched many hitting and pitching instructional videos, but yours is a breath of fresh air. Your video reinforced a lot of the techniques that I teach my kids and has added quite a few great ideas for my instructions in the future.

Again, Thank you for the video. It was entertaining and very informative."

Best Regards,
-Tom Macei, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"From the first viewing it is apparent that all of Woodsy's talents fused from years of experience as a player, coach, and teacher have coalesced into this exquisite teaching video. His easy going manner as well as his encouraging and supportive style provide a lucid and detailed description of how to hit a baseball. He understands kids; he knows baseball and he grasps the fundamentals of how we learn. He breaks the process of hitting the ball into discreet parts, that one can practice with a child both at home and on the ball field.

From the batter's stance, to seeing the ball, to the step, the swing and the follow through; Woodsy clearly explains these basic principles describing exercises that will make them second nature and help any child hit the ball more often and with greater confidence. My son has thoroughly enjoyed the video. It has helped me to work with him in a more constructive and supportive manner, and both his hitting and his confidence have improved. My only wish is that there had been such a tape when I was a kid!"

- Nils Nichols
New York City, New York

"Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and son are enjoying your " Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit?

My husband thinks it is awesome!!! He actually was not interested in watching it at first. He thought it was a Mother/Son type video. I watched it with my son and then told my husband about a couple of the drills. He was intriqued, watched it, and now is so glad he did! " My husband and son use the DVD twice per week. Every Tues. and Thurs. evening, they watch a few segments of the DVD and go out in the back yard and do those particular drills they just studied. " Have you made any more videos? Do you do any clinics in Jacksonville, FL?"


-Stephanie Cronin, Jacksonville, Florida


    Received it today. I had a chance to watch it and I am very impressed with what I've seen! I was in the process of signing up my fast pitch softball varisty daughter with a hitting coach, but after watching this video I am going to save the funds and coach her myself! You did an awesome job on this video!"

- Oral Christie
Alpharetta, Georgia

"Dear Bobby,

    No need to gift wrap or card. Thank you anyway though. I also wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your video " Mom Can You Teach Me How to Hit? My son Noah was struggling at the plate and I needed something to help him. It was wonderful! He's 12 and never really had any formal instruction on how to hit a ball.The video broke it down for him and me and we grasped the concept beautifully.He definitely makes it look easy.Toward the end of his tournaments he was getting intentionally walked a lot, much to his dismay. Again, thank you for such a truly valuable learning tool."

- Caron McBreairty
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

"Dear Bobby,

    I wanted to compliment you on a truly great training DVD. It's exactly what I was looking for in trying to guide my son in proper technique. It's excellent."

- Jim Weglinski
Medford, MA

"Just had an opportunity to watch the video.It is just an awesome production, definitely "World Class", and I know the kids, the league and our parents, will benefit greatly to this newest addition in our Instructional Learning Library."

- Dan Schumacher
Player Agent Rep
Clear Ridge Little League, Chicago, Illinois

"I watched the video and lent it to my neighbor's grandson who thought it was great! I thought it was excellent not only the way you came off, very knowledgeable, like a true professional, and I can't believe how you were so cool and collected in front of the camera. I also want to add that the editing and all the technical stuff was also superb. You have made yourself a hit! Congratulations to all of you on an excellent piece of work!"

- Ann Moss
Carlsbad, California