Batting Videos

by Bobby Woods November 06, 2023

Baseball Videos

I have watched a multitude of batting videos in my life. Some of these hitting training videos have have been a valuable resource in my teaching players, parents & coaches the game of baseball. I have yet to see a baseball video teach how to relieve anxiety, nervousness & tension thus creating confidence & self esteem. This is one of the reasons I created Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit? Where I include the the teaching of "Tension Busters"     

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So here are a few tips before a hitter even enters the batter's box. A lot of hitters are concerned about only 1 thing - I need to get a hit, that's all that matters! Not So! Through my little league days, high school, college and finally being drafted by the Chicago Cubs and playing 4 seasons in the Cubs org. that was my mind set was - get a hit. Yes, it is great to get a hit! But think in terms of a quality at bat. Examples are: did I draw a walk, move a runner over with less than two outs, hit a sacrifice fly, move a runner over with a sacrifice bunt did I have a 6 pitch or more at bat, and did i hit a hard hit ground ball,, a line drive or a line drive with trajectory. If any of "your at bats" resulted in these positives other than a hit a capital should be put by your name in the scorebook. meaning you had a quality at bat. Even though you didn't get a hit your quality at bat will build confidence and help you feel successful. Tension Busters


 About the Author

Bobby Woods, is a former Chicago Cubs  player & Arizona State University graduate. He resides in Margate City, New Jersey.



Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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