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by Bobby Woods January 19, 2024

drills for hitting a baseball


When hitting a baseball or softball a great baseball hitting tip as well softball is to keep your hands inside the ball when swinging the bat. This will increase your bat speed, ensure sweet spot contact and allow the hitter to hit the ball all over the field. There are drills for hitting a baseball as well softball to keep your hands inside the ball. 

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Obviously I have not seen every major league hitter hit. However a very educated guess, 99 % of major league hitters hit by keeping their hands inside the ball when swinging their bat.

In above  picture a young player demonstrates this technique. Notice the knob of the bat during his swing leads first followed by his  hands and the barrel of the bat last. The bat lags behind the Knob and hands to create whip in the swing. At contact the hands are between his body and the ball. When a player learns this technique a hitter will take his or her hitting skills to to a much higher level. 

This technique is explained in detail on this website. Just Stream or Download Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit? This video will not disappoint 






Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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