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by Bobby Woods January 19, 2024

seeing the ball when hitting a softball

 There are a multitude of Softball Hitting Drills that help players of all ages and skill levels to become better hitters in the game of softball. However it is important to understand what hitting drills for softball are the most beneficial that impact a softball hitter's positive development. If someone where to ask me? 

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What is the single most important skill to learn in becoming a great softball hitter? My answer would be: Seeing The Ball. As parents and coaches we often tell our players to keep their eyes on the ball. This is a great hitting tip. However it is important to tell our children & players we coach how to keep their eyes on the ball. Great hitters see the ball from the pitcher's release point. In other words when does the ball leave the pitcher's hand. Here is a great visual drill to see the ball from release. While the hitter in batting practice visualizes the pitcher as she goes into her wind-up she should use soft focus. This means the hitter watches the pitcher from the waist up, looks at the pitchers shoulders, etc. Whatever soft focus works best for the hitter. Then when the ball reaches her release point in front of the pitcher's body the hitter shifts from soft focus to fine focus. In other words watch the ball leave the pitcher's hand at the exact moment. Here is the a great softball hitting drill to teach fine focus. At the exact moment the ball leaves the pitcher's hand the hitter should say BALL This will train the hitter to see the ball at release. Also the pitcher can give the hitter immediate feedback if she is picking up the ball to late or to early ( by listening for the word Ball ) as the pitcher knows when it is leaving her hand.. So the hitter goes from soft to fine focus. Great hitters see the ball from the release. By using soft and fine focus the hitter receives better information about the speed, movement and location of the ball. For safety, the pitcher should always use a screen for protection. 

Bobby Woods is a graduate of Arizona State University and a former player in the Chicago Cubs org. He is a member of the Association of Professional Ball Players of America.




Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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