Baseball Hitting Drills - Among The Very Best In Baseball And Softball Drills

by Bobby Woods May 30, 2022

baseball hitting drills

Their are a multitude of baseball hitting drills & softball hitting drills for players. Some of these hitting drills are excellent and others, well not so beneficial. In fact some batting practice drills can cause a hitter to regress. It's important to define the meaning of a drill. Quite simply, a drill is repeated multiple times to learn a skill. One of the best drills ever in my personal experience is called  "Opposite Field Batting Practice"I learned this drill from Ben Hines former hitting coach at Arizona State University ( where I graduated from ) and the  Los Angeles Dodgers major league team. Lets say, you are a right handed hitter. Stand where you normally stand in the batter's box. The batting practice pitcher stands half way between the pitcher's mound and first base. The pitcher then proceeds to pitch to the batter. The hitter's goal is to hit the ball between the right of second base and the right field foul line. The change in the angle of the pitches forces a hitter to hit to the right side of the field. A pitcher throwing to a left handed hitter would move between the pitchers mound and third base. His or her goal would be to hit the ball between the left of second base and the left field foul line. The pitcher can move closer to the hitter (always use an (L - Screen for your protection)  It is important to remember that historically (over all)  in major league baseball the best batting averages are achieved by hitters that use the whole hitting the ball. Opposite Field Batting Practice will give you that skill.

Baseball Hitting Drills

Bobby Woods is a former Chicago Cubs Org. Player & Arizona State University Graduate.

Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods


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