The 59 Minute Baseball Practice


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"The 59 Minute Baseball Practice"

This superb instructional DVD by Coach Marty Schupak contains over 30 easy to follow drills, which cover hitting, pitching, first and third strategies, base running drills, how to run a practice when no field is available, bunting strategies and more! Some leagues require their coaches to view this video before each season. According to Coach Schupak, parents and coaches usually have the best intentions, but most do not know how to run the most efficient practice. Most young athletes are eager to learn but tend to bore easily. The big question revolves around how to keep players active and interested over a long period of time. After 25 years of coaching and of watching teams from little league to college, Schupak has the solution: organize workouts that are under an hour and provide a variety of five to ten minute drills.

"A guarantee that most youth baseball teams will see improvement over the course of a season with this excellent DVD."

"An excellent DVD for Little League coaches and parents."

"Those looking for a high quality video on coaching baseball should buy this title."


This is a great video if you are experienced in setting up and running practices-not as good if you are a novice at coaching.
The drills are excellent overall. They will work well with most ages, though a few will be too sophisticated for very young players. The number of drills is also well spaced between requisite skills--such as hitting, base running, fielding in the infield and outfield, etc. The clips are quick--both in terms of length and the speed of sequencing on the tape--plan on viewing the tape at least twice to get it all. On the other hand, the tape's only about 30 minutes long, so viewing twice is no great burden.
-David J. Gannon


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