Breakthrough Approach to Shooting!
Dedicated to Learning and
Coaching “Pure” Basketball Shooting

Would you like to become a better Shooter?
Are you looking for a more effective way to coach Shooting?

You're not alone! Shooting is a lost art! Shooting percentages have been declining for over 20 years! Players at all levels miss free throws and open jumpers to lose games! Major NBA stars are embarrassed at the Free Throw Line! In the last World Championships the USA team could only manage 6th place! In this year's Olympics, our shooting-challenged team could only win the Bronze medal, beaten three times. International teams can shoot better from outside. Something's not working.
  • Players don't know what to practice
  • Coaches often don't know how to coach shooting
  • Coaching just the “Fundamentals” (how to stand, how to hold the ball, etc.) isn't enough!
Shooting coach Tom Nordland's “Swish” DVD and his coaching method offer an answer!
  • Finally ... an approach to Shooting that really works ... a very “coachable” Method!
  • The coaching is simple and powerful. Results come immediately!
  • “Swish” -- a remarkable shooting DVD for jump shots and free throws!
  • “Swish” helps kids learn what to practice, how to practice! Let this Method inspire their practice and shooting development.
  • In this DVD, Coaches will see how to teach this critical skill! Tom is committed to training coaches in this Method!
Words of Praise

“Outstanding! Excellent! Swish is one of the best shooting videos I have ever seen!”
-- Bill Sharman, Boston Celtic legend, considered to be one of the greatest shooters ever

I'd be happy to endorse your tape. Every NBA player should have a copy. It is sorely needed”
-- Pete Newell, legendary coach of the 1959 Nat'l Champion Univ. of California Bears and the 1960 gold-medal-winning Olympic team with Jerry West and Oscar Robertson

“When I asked my team for the most beneficial tool we used to help their basketball skills, they all agreed that it was Coach Nordland's Shooting Style. Every single athlete that he worked with improved by over 15% in their field goal shooting and 25% or more in their Free Throw shooting. Tom only worked with 7 players on my team for about one hour one evening. Think what he could have done with them for an entire clinic session. I give my highest recommendation to all coaches at any level to let this shooting genius work with your team.”
-- Jan Conner, former coach at Martinsville High School, Indiana, second winningest high school girls' coach in Indiana history with a record of 442-73 (school was 2-time State Champion)

“I've spent 28 years coaching and have every available video on shooting, but none of them teaches how to achieve consistency and accuracy like Swish does. My girls learned more in the first hour than what used to take months.”
-- W. Slobik, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This Method will transform the way you see Shooting!
  • Tom's coaching instruction goes to the Heart of Shooting!
  • His method reveals how the few great shooters in the game shoot!
  • “Anyone can learn to do what they do ... and develop an excellent shot,” says Tom!

Tom Nordland's Swish Method - Pure Basketball Shooting Considered one of Minnesota's All-Time great high school shooters, Tom has perfected the coaching of the skill and art of shooting.

Tom shooting in 1957. Notice the relaxed hand and the upward flight of the shot. A quick, high Release! Aren't those short pants cool?

By the way, the “Swish” DVD is unconditionally guaranteed to show you how to Learn and Coach Great Shooting 
... or your money back!

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