Rawlings 2018 Face First Fielder’s Mask item# RFACE1


The Rawlings Face First Fielder’s Mask provides great protection for players in the field. The frosted bars also help fielders maintain maximum visibility.

Product Description

Rawlings consistently makes great softball equipment, and there is no exception when it comes to fielder’s masks. The Rawlings Fielder’s Mask is a great protective tool for any hard-working fielder. The guard not only keeps a fielder’s face safe, but also allows them to still see great through their mask. This mask comes with a wider line of sight for great player vision. Rawlings player facemasks have a new wire configuration, which gives player’s maximum visibility and a reduced weight. A fielder’s vision is crucially important, and with this mask, that vision is incredible. The masks also have frosted bars for less glare from the sun. The Rawlings Face First Fielder’s Mask also includes a removable and washable chin strap.

This guard can shape for a custom fit, and is for softball only. The item also includes a split strap head harness. This item is excellent for players with or without a ponytail. It comes in a one-size-fits most size from ages 9 and up. When buying a product, it’s important to do so from a company that has been around the block a few times.

No one in the business is more experienced than Rawlings, the maker of this softball face guard, and an organization that has been around since 1887. Over the years the quality of this company’s products has amazingly not dropped off one bit, as Rawlings remains one of the top baseball equipment providers in the industry today. The Rawlings name is a guarantee this product will be up to your expectations. The Rawlings Face First Fielder’s Mask is a highly useful item, that comes at a great price tag. This season do not sacrifice any safety!