2 DVD SPECIAL - Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Hit? & Down Broadway

Bobby Woods Baseball

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Mom Can You Teach Me How to Hit

“Mom Can You Teach Me How to Hit” was created to teach parents how to teach their children to hit a baseball and softball. Coach Woods fused his talents, from years of experience, into this unique teaching video. His laid-back manner, as well as his encouraging and supportive style, provides a clear and detailed description of how to hit a baseball or softball. He knows the sport and also grasps the fundamentals of how we learn. Woods breaks down the process of hitting a baseball into small sections, that instructors can practice with a child, both at home and on the field. Coach Woods clearly explains the basic principles of hitting in such detail that it will eventually become second nature, and can help any child hit the ball more often and with greater confidence.

Down Broadway - Pitching and Catching Techniques for the Modern Player.

Bobby Woods Baseball produced “Down Broadway” to create a better understanding of the fundamentals and basics of pitching and catching. This video presents the concepts and techniques that will help develop the skills necessary for the efficient performance of youth, high school, and college level players.The information presented in “Down Broadway” will enhance the development of pitchers and catchers to play at a higher level with positive results.



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