Basketball Fundamentals


Basketball Fundamentals
Basketball Fundamentals provides basketball techniques that are the foundation of success for all players. Coaches, parents and players will learn how to teach and practice all of the basketball fundamentals and skills shown in this program. Whether playing on your driveway, a playground or for a school team, this video will help any player learn or polish their basic basketball fundamentals that will lead to success. The video highlights: ball handling basics, dribbling techniques, passing fundamentals & drills, individual practice routines, offensive plays & moves, dual purpose drills, and communication techniques.

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Basketball Fundamentals is a practical DVD demonstrating a wide variety of basic basketball techniques and drills. Ideal for coaches, parents, and players, Basketball Fundamentals is a solid guide to improving both individual and team performance. Topics covered include Ball Handling Basics, Advanced Dribbling Techniques, Ball Handling Games, Offensive Plays & Moves, Dual Purpose Drills, Communication Techniques, V Cut, L Cut, Passing Fundamentals & Drills, Slow Motion Analysis, Pick and Roll, Breaking Out & Rebounding, and Defense Techniques. A user-friendly video guide, Basketball Fundamentals is especially recommended for high school physical education DVD libraries.
- Midwest Book Review

Marty Schupak (on voiceover), Coach Danny Walsh, and a team of players demonstrate hoop fundamentals here in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion. Starting with the difference between dribbling and bouncing a basketball (hint: control lies in the pads of the fingers, not the fingertips or palm of the hand), the program offers a number of drills related to ball control when standing still, before moving on to more complex maneuvers such as speed dribbling while making various moves through cones and other players. Additional areas covered include passing the ball, communication techniques, defensive actions, and more complicated plays. Filmed in a neighborhood setting on a long asphalt driveway with a backboard and hoop at one end, Basketball Fundamentals reminds viewers that gear and venue are not as important as the acquisition of technique. As in other programs by Schupak, each drill here is sequentially numbered, and specific segments are accessible through the menu. Offering a solid, straightforward approach to basic basketball fundamentals, this is recommended.
- Video Librarian






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