Baseball Coaching: T-Ball Skills & Drills

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Product Description

T-Ball Skills & Drills provides over 30 creative t-ball drills for young athletes as well as basic skills for teaching throwing, hitting, and fielding techniques in an easy-to-follow program. The video highlights: • All t-ball basics • Hitting fundamentals • Fielding fundamentals • Throwing fundamentals • Correcting throwing flaws • Baserunning fundamentals • Drill organization • Safety Issues • Hints for first time coaches & parents • Fun Games • And More


The content in the T-Ball Skills And Drills DVD will keep the interest of young players and is a must for all T-Ball coaches and parents. --Bobby Woods, Former Pro Athlete and Coach

For many kids, T-ball (a form of baseball in which players hit baseballs off of tees instead of swinging at a pitched ball) is their entry into the great American pastime. This helpful instructional title from coach Marty Schupak presents more than 30 drills suitable for young beginners. The first drill, in which the batter simply uses a plastic bat to swing at the tee itself, is a great way to build confidence; other exercises cover the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, base running, and fielding (colored bases, bowling pins, and milk jugs are among the clever props employed). The program also provides tips for parents and coaches (including how to organize the drills in a logical order), addresses safety issues, and suggests various practice games. All the while, narration plays over scenes of real kids and adults working hard and having a great time on the ball field. Highly recommended. --Video Librarian Magazine

Veteran youth coach Marty Schupak presents T-Ball Skills & Drills: Tips for T-Ball Coaches & Parents, the latest in an excellent series of DVD resources for youth sports. T-Ball Skills & Drills provides over 30 T-Ball drills ideal for teaching children as young as 5-7 how to improve at the game. Techniques for instructing children in skills such as throwing, catching, hitting, baserunning, and fielding are covered, as are important safety tips. An invaluable resource for coaches and parents, T-Ball Skills & Drills is highly recommended especially for public school library DVD collections --Midwest Book Review

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