48 Championship Basketball Drills


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This Best Selling Basketball Video Has Been Viewed By High School, College & NBA Coaches!

 This DVD, which has been the most popular selling basketball video in the US, contains 48 creative basketball drills for effective practices including shooting, rebounding, defense, ball handling, passing, conditioning and more. Correct shooting form is also addressed. This DVD is recommended by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA). This DVD is perfect for the CYO parent/coach, Junior High and High School Coach. The drills for this DVD were developed by one of the most successful high school coaches in New York State.

48 Championship Basketball Drills DVD is called ”youth basketball’s sixth man”.

Whether you are a coach of a school team or a parent coaching a youth team, this video will help you run effective, efficient practices that improve player and team skills while keeping players highly motivated.

The video includes shooting, conditioning, rebounding, passing, and ball handling drills, plus lots more!

This video provides dozens of creative drills used by successful coaches.

This video is now recommended for youth coaches by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association, the largest organization for amateur youth coaches.


See what the professional reviewers are saying:


48 Championship Basketball Drills is a 42 minute, full color, basketball training video ideal for viewers ages 12 to adult. Experienced basketball coach Marty Schupak draws upon his more than fourteen years of teaching basketball to provide detailed and authoritative instruction in the form of 48 specific basketball drills cover every aspect of play including: shooting, conditioning, defense, rebounding, ball handling, passing, and foul shooting. There are also added bonuses for four sample practices and ten basketball coaching tips. No high school or college program with a basketball section to its curriculum can afford to be without a copy of Marty Schupak’s 48 Championship Basketball Drills video.

- Midwest Book Review


These are great ideas for practice drills. I can't wait to use them for my boys grade school team. I especially like the shooting and passing drills. I will definitely use some of them as fun competitive games after progressing through the skill drills. Mr Schupak's videos (for basketball and baseball) are both functional and informative. Much appreciated from a youth coach.

Each drill is explained in great detail, this is a great start for first time coaches, to seasoned vets. Everyone will love this video.
-DeMarcus Hill

The rebounding drills in particular will pay off immediately (especially the rotation box out and the cross box out) for teams just learning to box out. The drills are explained clearly (although they miss opportunities to explain skills to perfection), and the production team used multiple angles to show the drills from different perspectives. For the price, the dvd is a good option, again, for the right audience.






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