100 Years Of The New York Yankees DVD

Bobby Woods Sports

This two disc collection contains the six parts of The History of the Yankees, entitled: "1903-1956", "1957-1978", "1979-2002", "Moments and Mystique", "The Stadium", and "The Greatest Yankees Teams"

The Extras
Almost 50 minutes of bonus video is included here, broken down into four categories: "Yankee Heroes," "Magical Moments," "Pitching Masterpieces"  . In Yankee Heroes, speeches by Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio and Mantle are followed by interviews about those appearances, while Magical Moments does the same with memorable wins involving Chris Chambliss, Bobby Murcer and Jim Leyritz. The same idea is done again in Pitching Masterpieces, featuring Don Larsen, Dave Righetti, David Wells and David Cone, and in You Could Look it Up, with Casey Stengel and the Pine Tar Incident. Each bonus duo sheds more light on entertaining subjects, especially during Stengel's appearance before Congress and the Pine Tar incident.

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