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   Among the best first base gloves the 2021 Pro Preferred 13-inch rawlings first base mitt was crafted from flawless, full-grain kip leatherThis first base mitt has luxurious leather known for its supple look, and unparalleled quality and feel. Simply the best 1st baseman glove. It was designed for elite first basemen who want to take their game to the next level. Our DCT pattern offers a huge, deep pocket making it a popular choice for many of the best who to play the position. Its camel design also offers a clean, classic look preferred by some of today's top pros and many elite youth players as well. When you put it on you won't want to take it off. For even more added comfort, its wool wrist strap gives you a soft feel on the back of your hand too. Its wool padding also allows you to break in and form your perfect pocket. As a result, you'll have the best, most high-performance mitt in a classic look teammates will envy. If you€™re a first baseman who needs a pro quality mitt to keep up with your ability, this Pro Preferred glove is for you. Order yours now!

About This Item

  • DESIGNED FOR FIRST BASE PLAYERS, this Pro Preferred 13 inch glove has  unrivaled performance to help first basemen stretch, scoop, & field throws better than ever before
  • IDEAL FOR AVID PLAYERS FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO THE PROS, this glove features full-grain kip leather that provides an unmatched look and feel
  • 100% WOOL PADDING helps with pocket formation and to retain the glove's shape, and PITTARDS SHEEPSKIN PALM LINING keeps your hand dry and comfortable
  • PRO GRADE leather laces add durability and strength, and padded thumb sleeve adds comfor
  • PRO GRADE leather laces add durability and strength, and padded thumb sleeve adds comfort
  • 30% FACTORY / 70% PLAYER BREAK-IN allows player to complete the majority of the break-in process, so that the fit is exactly to their needs

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