Where's The Play


"Where's The Play?" is an interactive CD that emphasizes baseball and softball basics that young players need. Users are able to learn and visualize through situational scenarios and repetition. Players can watch plays unfold, learn how to react, and with constant interactive feedback, correct mistakes. This product is a great coaching tool as well! Whether they play youth baseball or softball, boys and girls 12 and younger, can learn from the situational training found in "Where's The Play?". In addition to the focuses on defense and strategy, "Where's the Play?" helps players avoid common mental mistakes. This product is also approved by Little League Baseball.

We tested this product with a 10-year old and he breezed through it.
--USA Today Baseball Weekly

An invaluable tool for all children interested in playing baseball.
--School Library Journal

This fully interactive CD-ROM,
endorsed by Little League Baseball, should be viewed by all young baseball players. Divided into six innings, the game teaches players what to do in a variety of situations. Innings one through five focus on specific skills-knowing where the forced out is, knowing what the best out is, covering the bases, backing up the play, and cutting off the throw. In each inning, first the skill is explained both orally and in written text, and then the player is given the opportunity to choose the best option in several animated scenarios. If the player selects an incorrect option, the program provides a complete explanation of the correct response. All explanations and rules are well narrated by Drew, a 12-year-old Little League player. Inning six, Where's the Play, is a three-level quiz: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level quizzes the player on skills learned in the previous innings. Explanations are given along the way for incorrect answers, and a score is awarded at the end of the quiz. The program features high quality graphics and multiethnic boy and girl players.

I predict "Where's The Play" CD-Rom eventually will be required by youth leagues around the country.

--Marty Schupak, creator of The 59 Minute Baseball Practice


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